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  Sports wood flooring needs to be refurbished and maintained after a period of use. According to the frequency of use, it is generally refurbished once every 3 years.
After many years of use, the surface of the sports wood flooring is polished and the color is deteriorated, but the wood is not damaged. If you remove the old floor and replace it with a new one, it is actually an unwise choice, especially after many years of use, the old floor is better than the new one. On the contrary, it is more stable. Through sanding, painting and marking, the old wooden floor can still be renewed.
Refurbishment is just to polish the floor with a surface of 1-2mm, which is more cost-effective than refurbishment.

Refurbished Flooring Operating Procedures:

1. Polishing
 Use professional equipment to polish the surface and some scratches. Gradually polish with 40 mesh, 80 mesh, and 120 mesh sandpaper to ensure that the surface of the floor is fine and smooth.

2. Clean and Vacuum, Scrape Putty
After air-drying, beat the sand with 120 mesh, and clean the dry sand, vacuum and paint. After the paint is air-dried, 240 mesh sand is beaten. Sweep water and sand, vacuum, wipe clean with towels, and then apply anti-slip and wear-resistant paint special for sports wooden flooring in order to make its wear resistance index meet the requirements of sports wooden flooring.