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Basketball Courts

Basketball Courts

 Protect the Athletes
The impulse formed by a person during exercise acts on the surface of the sports wooden flooring to produce vibrations. The structure of the sports wooden floor must have a vibration absorption function, that is, when the athlete takes off and falls back to the sports wooden flooring, more than 53% of the impulse must be exercised by the sports wooden flooring. Absorbed, so as to protect the ankle, meniscus, spine and brain, so that people will not be injured during exercise. Its protection function also considers that one person cannot affect neighboring people when moving on the sports wooden flooring. The elasticity of the dedicated floor of the Zero Times Basketball Hall is relatively good, which can better protect the safety of athletes and improve the comfort of basketball players.

II  Follow relevant technical standards
The load-bearing load and firm life of sports professional wooden flooring must meet the requirements of competition and training. For example, when the movable basketball hoop and related sports facilities move on the wooden flooring, the surface and structure of the wooden flooring cannot be damaged. This is the concept of the rolling load standards described in the DIN standard.

III  Impact absorption performance of wooden flooring of basketball hall
Shock absorption is the inelastic absorption of shocks. Due to the internal viscosity of the material, the force of the object. It measures the impact absorbed by the floor, rather than returning the energy to the athlete. The greater the impact energy the floor absorbs, the less impact the athlete must absorb, thus providing greater comfort for the foot. Therefore, this parameter ensures great foot comfort. Excessive shock absorption levels may make physical activity more difficult.

IV  Surface Friction Performance of Wooden Flooring of Basketball Hall
Basketball courts have high requirements for the surface friction of the sports wooden flooring. Players need to have enough friction on the floor surface during the process of dribbling the ball and getting up and shooting to ensure the stability of the player's body in contact with the ground. Slips and sprains occur. Therefore, it is important to improve the friction of the surface.

  Ball Rebounding
The rebounding requirement of the ball is a very important factor in ball sports. The rebounding ability of the ball means that the floor will not absorb the rebounding force while ensuring the uniformity and rules of the field. For example, if the elasticity of the basketball flooring is too poor, it will seriously affect the speed and frequency of the players' dribbling and affect the performance of the court. Therefore, the regulations of the International Basketball Federation clearly stipulate that the rebounding ability of the sports flooring against the ball should be greater than or equal to 90%.

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