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Theatrical Stage

Theatrical Stage

Floor performance characteristics:
   Product name:Stage Wooden Flooring
   Timber:Wooden floor/Isolation film/Carrying board/Elastic Sleeper/Damping rubber pad
   Executive Standard:GB/T20239-2015
   Scope of Use:Indoor basketball, badminton, stage, foot volleyball, squash, fitness and other comprehensive sports venues
   Service Life:25 years

Advantage 1st: Good Sense of Touch
During the use of stage wooden flooring, because the surface texture of the stage wooden flooring is relatively clear, whether it is oak or maple flooring, the texture of the wood itself will bring a good sense of touch to the dancers during use.

Advantage 2nd: Strict Coefficient of Friction
During the dancer's performance, the wooden flooring of the stage is too slippery or too astringent, which will seriously affect the dancer's real performance level. Therefore, the friction coefficient of the wooden flooring of the stage must be 0.4-0.7, which is the international standard. Strict friction coefficient ensures the safety of dancers.

Advantage 3rd: Strong Sear Resistance
In the use of stage wood flooring, most of them use harder pure wood tree profiles to process them. For example, maple or oak wood is used as the raw material for stage wooden flooring. After processing, the wood fiber of such a tree species is relatively long, which makes the stage wooden flooring have extremely strong hardness during use, and the surface load-bearing capacity of the stage wooden flooring , robustness and abrasion resistance will be very good.

Advantage 4th: Significantly Enhance the Sense of Grade
For the dance hall stage rehearsal, the use of stage wooden flooring is also a general trend in the future, which not only greatly enhances the sense of grade of the entire stage dance hall, but also enhances the visual sense of the stage wooden flooring in the later use, combined with related supporting equipment and facilities , To give viewers a high-quality, high-end decoration style, thereby enhancing the visibility of the venue.

Advantage 5th: Environmentally Friendly, Safe and Odorless
Green and environmentally friendly stage wood flooring is a major trend in the domestic stage flooring industry. In view of the increasing number of "decoration diseases" and "building materials diseases" in the country, more and more consumers are aware of chemical synthesis and non-natural The true face of the craft flooring, and in foreign countries, especially in Europe and the United States, are processed by green manufacturing technology, and the products are non-toxic and odor-free.

Three Major Properties:

Performance Function

The stage flooring is as good as possible to meet the requirements of various professional dance performances. This requirement means to avoid excessive consumption of energy by the actors and avoid fatigue of the actors.

Protection Function 
The floor of the stage has a protective function when the actors are running or jumping, which can eliminate the load generated by the workers' equipment, and can also reduce the injuries suffered by the actors when they fall.

Technical Function 
Satisfy the function of sports and protection for a long time, and can withstand the constant impact and friction of transportation, use devices, chairs, stands and other equipment.
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