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Maple Grade B Flooring

Maple Grade B Flooring

The wood has moderate hardness, dense wood, straight and uniform texture, beautiful pattern and good luster. And the wood grain often has a bird's eye or tiger back pattern, which is a high-grade wood for the floor. Occasionally light green mineral texture, easy to paint. The wood is milky white to natural white, sometimes with a light reddish brown. Moderate hardness, fine wood. The wood is compact, well polished, resistant to insects, and good stability. It is an excellent floor material, suitable for floor use. High mechanical strength, excellent elasticity and impact resistance.

Product Features:
1. Good elasticity and moderate wood hardness.

2. Strong stability and not easy to deform; its texture is tight, clear and stable, and it is recognized as a good wood species internationally.

3. Wear resistance, corrosion resistance, shock absorption, sound absorption, good elasticity; it can reduce the chance of shock injuries caused by athletes bouncing on the floor, and has high mechanical strength. It is one of the must-use products for sports venues, dances, gymnastics, bowling lanes, squash courts, high-end clubs, various wooden sports equipment and musical instruments that require shock absorption.

4. The color is light and bright; the texture is clear and the color is elegant. Features: glossy, straight texture, fine and uniform structure, good polishing performance, strong nail holding force, wear resistance, air-dry density 0.49-0.55g/m3.
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