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Sports Wood Flooring Series

Sports Wood Flooring Series

Professional sports wood flooring is a continuous fixed suspension sports wood flooring system with high shock absorption, which is composed of moisture-proof layer, elastic shock-absorbing layer, wool board layer and panel layer. The panel layer generally uses maple, birch, and oak wood as raw materials. The thickness is 20mm, the width is 60mm, and the length is 300mm to 900mm with grooves and flanges.
The putty, primer and varnish paint process of the panel layer is very important. It is a high-grade surface layer material. The service life is more than 10 years and the warranty is 1 year.
Sports wooden flooring is suitable for the construction of indoor sports venues such as basketball courts, volleyball courts, badminton courts, and table tennis courts. The price can be negotiated according to the actual situation.
The construction process is divided into: sanding, bottom primer, top coat, marking and upper skirting board.

Sports Wooden Flooring Structure:
Moisture-proof layer: PE geotextile moisture-proof film.

Elastic cushion: There are different types of elastic cushion materials such as PU, rubber, recycled rubber, PVC, etc., which mainly provide shock absorption performance for the system.

Load-bearing layer: Single sleeper or double sleepers can be used, and preservatives are usually used for anti-corrosion treatment. The sleeper spacing is generally set to 400mm. According to whether the sleeper is fixed to the ground and what kind of fixing method is adopted, the sports wooden flooring can be divided into a suspension system, a fixed suspension system and a fixed system.

Stabilization layer: Usually use larger-format plates, mainly OSB boards, plywood, etc. The size is basically 1.22*2.44m, and the thickness is mostly above 12mm.

Panel: The panel adopts solid wood composite or solid wood board. The tree species are selected from high-quality hardwoods, and the more commonly used ones are hard maple, fraxinus , oak, beech and so on. Since maple is a long-fiber tree species with good toughness and moderate hardness, and the viewing effect in competitions and TV broadcasts is excellent, most of the stadium panels are made of maple. The moisture content of the panel shall not exceed the local equilibrium moisture content. The imported maple panels of MFMA generally have a thickness of 20mm and 26mm, and a width of 38mm, 57mm and so on. Most domestic plates are 22mm thick, with grooves and flanges.

Nails: Panel nails use 50mm L-shaped or T-shaped strong nails for wood flooring; the stabilizer layer is usually connected with U-shaped nails to the sleeper.

Paint: There are two types of paint: UV paint painted in the factory and polyurethane paint painted on the construction site, both of which must meet the requirements of friction coefficient 0.4-0.7. In terms of environmental protection, it is necessary to achieve tribenzene-free (benzene, toluene, xylene) and tri-benzene-free ( paint, curing agent, and thinner without benzene), and abrasion resistance, slip resistance, and light refraction It performed well in aspects such as degree.

Marking: Use the mark paint that matches the panel paint.

Skirting line: 80mm×60mm solid wood skirting line.
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