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Plastic Court Series

Plastic Court Series----SPU court

Performance Characteristics
1. Comfort: Whether you are running, dribbling or not moving, the moderate varicose technology of SPU provides you with a high degree of comfort.
2. Vibration Absorption: When the SPU is subjected to an instantaneous impact, 63% of the impact force is absorbed by the ground system, which better protects the athlete's ankle.
3. Super Wear-resistant: The surface layer is made of high-strength silicone resin particles with a unique double-layer structure. It is more wear-resistant than ordinary products, and the service life can reach more than 8 years.
4. Adhesive Ability: The silicone polychloride material can penetrate the pores of different materials, produce high-strength adhesion, and better bond with the foundation.
5. Technical Stability: Whether it is a large ball or a small ball, the resilience, shock absorption and friction coefficient can run through the entire field system to ensure its technical stability.
6. Ideal Comprehensive Function: suitable for indoor and outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, badminton courts, handball courts, leisure venues, gymnasiums and other sports grounds.
7. Easy Installation: It can be directly constructed on the basis of asphalt concrete or cement concrete. All materials are classified into barrels according to the proportion. The installation can be carried out according to the instructions, and the operation is simple and convenient.
8. Easy Maintenance: Contains anti-fouling additives, stains will not penetrate into the surface layer, just clean with water to keep it fresh.
9. Durability:
① Superior Weather Resistance: SPU will not fade, harden, soften, and surface white due to environmental changes such as outdoor high and low temperature climates, even in climates such as strong ultraviolet rays, ozone, rain, and high temperature differences. It can still maintain its bright colors for a long time under the environment.
② Super Abrasion Resistance: the SPU surface layer adopts the method of adding silicon resin particles, its structural characteristics are permanent and stable, the hardness is moderate, and the abrasion resistance meets the needs of long-term high frequency of use.
③ Excellent Anti-fouling Performance: The SPU surface layer is dense. Moderate soft and hard. It is not easy to crack, peel, fade and whiten, and the stadium can be kept as clean as new for a long time through simple washing.
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