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Plastic Court Series

Plastic Court Series----Acrylic court

The common feature of the acrylic asphalt coating system is that it is completely free of asbestos, lead or mercury and other compounds, which is environmentally friendly. Completely green and environmentally friendly, highly resistant to ultraviolet rays, the color is durable and deep, does not fade, does not waste, easy to maintain, low maintenance costs, and durable in any weather conditions. A variety of colors are available, including blue, red, dark green and light green. Products approved by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) are applicable to international competition venues. Acrylic coating system is suitable for concrete base layer and asphalt base layer, providing high-quality sports ground materials at a reasonable price. It is praised as the most economical leisure and professional tennis court and basketball court ground system.
1. Adhesive Layer: Spread a layer of "PLAY-PAVE" proprietary adhesive on the concrete base. The adhesive is a water-based epoxy resin, alkali resistant, can be tightly bonded to the surface of the cement, and is closely combined with the "PLAY-PAVE" series of coatings to prevent problems such as degumming and wrinkles.
2. Basic Reinforcement Layer: an acrylic latex layer coating that does not contain asbestos and is mixed with quartz sand has the characteristics of good permeability and high strength. It can enhance the strength, flatness and substitution of the site.
3. Filling Layer: It is paved with "PLAY-PAVE" acrylic color layer base and quartz sand. The particle size and dosage of quartz sand can be adjusted to replace the ball speed.
4. Surface Layer: It is paved with brightly colored, UV-resistant acrylic paint to increase abrasion resistance.
5. Paint Line: "PLAY-PAVE" white line paint, strong hiding power and easy to use.Hard surface layer thickness (1.5mm-2mm, suitable for asphalt base or alternative concrete base) elastic acrylic layer (elastic). The thickness of the court surface layer is 3.0mm-8mmn, which can be applied to the asphalt base layer or alternative concrete base layer)
Acrylic Court Features:
1. Special coating for the stadium, made of 100% high-grade acrylic material, non-toxic, non-asbestos, and environmentally friendly surface material;
2. It is suitable for various climatic environments, is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, the color is durable and does not fade, and the color is pure;
3. Usually long, the service life can reach 8-10 years (the specific situation depends on the foundation quality and construction quality on the site);
4. Acrylic paint is a self-cleaning product, which is convenient for maintenance and high-pressure water washing;
5. The price/performance ratio is extremely competitive;
6. Compared with the elastic surface layer, the hard acrylic surface layer has relatively higher requirements for the flatness of the site due to its thickness.
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