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Children's Outdoor Products

Product Feature:
● Moderate Elasticity—good elasticity can protect children's leg joints and effectively avoid sports injuries.
  ● Strong Abrasion Resistance—The EPDM surface layer has excellent abrasion resistance, which can ensure the long-term stability of the EPDM structure. Wearing spikes below 7mm, the surface will not be damaged.
● Anti-aging Property—It won't fade and chalk under the influence of ultraviolet rays, ozone, wind and rain, and sulfuric acid, and can keep bright colors for a long time.
  ● Impact Resistance—There is a strong elastic layer and a buffer layer that can absorb strong impacts.
  ● The surface layer is flat—Granular material is used during construction, and the surface is flat, waterproof, sun-proof and non-slip.
● Bright colors—monochromatic or colorful runways can be assembled.
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