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Purse Seine Lights

JHKN-9022 Venue Fence
Product Feature:
The color is stable, the weather resistance is strong, and the color does not fade. The use of high-quality low-carbon galvanized iron wire makes the product more stable and flexible. The column is made of high-quality national standard steel pipe, which is firm and safe.
JHKN-9025 Field Isolation Soft Net
Product Feature:
The woven polypropylene yarn and PVC edging can effectively buffer the ball between the courts.
JHKN-9023 Windproof Net
Product Feature:
Made of fiber material, strong weather resistance, wind shielding rate of 60%-70% to reduce the influence of wind on the stability of ball speed and direction, weight: 12kg.

Tennis Court Lights
There are 8 groups of 1 standard tennis court lighting for night or in need of lighting. Each group is equipped with 1 lamp holder. The tennis court lighting system includes: lamp base facilities, lamps, lamp holders, and power distribution system. The lighting illuminance should be based on the different purposes of the court. Specially designed by our company's electric light source technicians. Experience tells us that the average illuminance of each tennis court light should be above 600 lux.
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